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Partnership with Bitparty

BitParty is a pioneering platform that combines asset management with gamification.

Partnership with Bitparty

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with BitParty, the first "asset gamified community network" in the BTC ecosystem. This collaboration focuses on enabling users to stake SAT on the BitParty platform, enhancing the utility and reach of our stablecoin within the Bitcoin community.

What is Bitparty

BitParty is a pioneering platform that combines asset management with gamification, creating an engaging community network within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

By integrating various aspects of asset interaction with gaming elements, BitParty offers a unique user experience that promotes active participation and community building.

SAT Staking Support

BitParty now supports users to stake SAT, providing our community with new opportunities to engage with and benefit from our stablecoin within the gamified environment of BitParty.

Bitparty Map

Benefits for SAT Users

Staking Opportunities

Users can stake the SAT on BitParty, allowing them to earn rewards and participate in the dynamic, gamified community network.

Enhanced Utility

This integration increases the utility of SAT, giving users more ways to leverage their holdings within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

We are thrilled to integrate SAT staking into BitParty. This partnership enriches our platform and provides our users with more ways to engage with the Bitcoin ecosystem through staking and community activities.

BitParty Team


The partnership between us and BitParty is set to deliver significant benefits to users by enabling SAT staking on the BitParty platform. This integration marks a new chapter in enhancing the utility and engagement of SAT within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

About Bitparty

BitParty is the first "asset gamified community network" in the BTC ecosystem, focusing on combining asset management with gaming elements to create a vibrant and engaging user experience.

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About Satoshi Protocol

Satoshi Protocol is a revolutionary "universal" stablecoin protocol backed by Bitcoin. It allows users to deposit BTC/stBTC as collateral to mint the stablecoin $SAT on both Bitcoin mainnet and multiple L2s.

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