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Partnership with Polyflow

You can register PID on BEVM, using our BTC-backed stablecoin — $SAT!

Partnership with Polyflow

Excited to announce our partnership with Polyflow!

Polyflow is a leading infrastructure provider for a revolutionary financial concept: PayFi - the seamless integration of payments and DeFi.Now you can register PID on BEVM, using our BTC-backed stablecoin — $SAT!

In the future, Polyflow and Satoshi Protocol will work together to promote the widespread adoption of $SAT in real-world payment scenarios.Let's dive in!

What is Polyflow

Polyflow is a leading infrastructure provider at the forefront of a revolutionary financial concept: PayFi. This concept aims to seamlessly integrate traditional payment systems with the innovative world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Polyflow empowers businesses and individuals to navigate the complexities of PayFi with greater ease and security. Their modular design, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), streamlines operations, enhances compliance, and optimizes transaction data for seamless integration with AI engines.They empower users by simplifying PayFi with:

Polyflow PID

Polyflow's impact on PayFi:

Polyflow, with its secure and AI-powered infrastructure, is paving the way for a more efficient and user-friendly financial future through PayFi. Their partnership with Satoshi Protocol strengthens their position in this revolution.

What This Partnership Means for You

Effortless Crypto Spending

Polyflow's "Tap and Go" functionality will allow you spend your Bitcoin (Leveraged through Satoshi Protocol's $SAT!) anywhere, anytime.

Frictionless Cross-Border Payments

Connect your business to a global network of financial institutions with Polyflow's one-click integration. Say goodbye to borders and hello to streamlined transactions!

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Polyflow's decentralized infrastructure (PIDs) ensures secure and compliant transactions, while Satoshi Protocol's $SAT is backed by the secure foundation of Bitcoin.

Register PID on BEVM with SAT

Now, you can register PID on the BEVM mainnet with SAT following few steps:

  1. Visit Polyflow's website and navigate to its App:
  2. Switch to BEVM Mainnet
  3. Search for a PID you like
  4. Pay 1 SAT to register your PID
Register PID by paying SAT
We are thrilled to join forces with Satoshi Protocol to revolutionize the world of finance. This partnership aligns perfectly with our shared vision of a future where seamless payments and DeFi capabilities converge to unlock unprecedented financial opportunities for all.

Together, Satoshi Protocol and Polyflow are poised to transform the financial landscape, empowering businesses and individuals to navigate the complexities of PayFi with ease and security.

We are excited to embark on this journey together and usher in a new era of financial innovation.

Polyflow TEAM


This groundbreaking partnership between Satoshi Protocol and Polyflow marks a significant step towards a more user-friendly and efficient financial future.

This is just the beginning. As the partnership evolves, expect even wider adoption of $SAT in real-world payment scenarios.Together, let's unlock the full potential of PayFi and usher in a new era of financial innovation!

About Polyflow

A Modular, AI ready, decentralized crypto asset operations protocol to support PayFi and beyond.PID (Web3 Payment ID) is a decentralized identity verification solution constructed using zero-knowledge proofs.

Website | Twitter | APP | Discord | Telegram

About Satoshi Protocol

Satoshi Protocol is a universal stablecoin protocol built specifically for Bitcoin. It empowers users to deposit their Bitcoin as collateral to borrow a stablecoin called SAT, on either Bitcoin Layer 1 or Layer 2.

Website | Web APP | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Docs | Blog

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